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Thank you for visiting the website. Since you are here, please allow us to explain what we offer. You may have heard of Patriarch Protein (TRI-PRO) but do you know what it is?

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Patriarch Protein (TRI-PRO) is a blend of whey, milk, and soy proteins making for an unbeatable combination and unlike other brand, it is sans artificial colors, sweeteners and flavors. Research shows that blended protein maintain heightened serum protein levels up to 6 hours that will feed your muscles, promote lean body mass, improve memory, stabilize blood sugar, and promote healthy cells.

Protein is composed of individual amino acids that are the building blocks of life. Amino acids are responsible for growth, repair and maintenance of the body. Over 22 amino acids are anabolised to manufacture and repair skeletal muscle as well as blood proteins, hormones and enzymes.


Patriarch Protein (TRI-PRO) can be used by anyone: men, women, children, athletes, body builders, and even senior citizens. Anyone who needs a high quality bio-available protein to help support lean body mass while reducing body fat.

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